Skillet Chicken Piccata

Crispy chicken thighs simmered in a lemon butter and white wine sauce… does it get better than that? What makes this recipe even a little more enticing is that you likely have all of the ingredients already. Maybe the capers are a stretch for some people as a pantry staple but then just omit them (if you have kids they’d probably prefer it that way anyway ?.) This chicken comes together in a flash and with very little clean up. That is my kind of weeknight dinner. The only change I made when preparing my chicken was that I doubled the sauce so there would be extra to pour over some brown rice. Serve it with a bright vegetable side, like carrots, and a green salad and everyone will eat until there’s nothing left.

Skin on chicken thighs sizzle in a caper sauce in a cast iron pan.
Chicken thighs in piccata sauce and topped with capers simmering in the pan.

If you try out this recipe please leave a note in the comments below. I love hearing what you thought of it, any tweaks you made, and what you served it with. Enjoy!

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