Root Vegetable Pot Pie

Root vegetable pot pie

Root vegetables are a must when it comes to cooking dinner in November. They tend to always be roasted because of their hearty texture and need to be cooked at high temperatures for a long time. This Root Vegetable Pot Pie is a nice way to change up your vegetable game and serve up some decadently creamy veggies

About the Ingredients

Frozen Puff Pastry – You can find this in your supermarket’s freezer isle usually at the end of the dessert novelties section. Keep it frozen until about 1 hour before you’re ready to use it. Move piece you’re going to use (they usually come 2 sheets of pastry per box) to the refrigerator to soften. When it’s time to use it, flour a hard, clean surface and roll it out with rolling pin.

Root Vegetables – The recipe calls for carrots, an onion, sweet potato and parsnips. I would be sure to use an onion because of the distinct flavor it adds. Other than that though, feel free to mix up the vegetable combination with any root vegetables you have handy. Butternut squash, turnip, white radish, or leeks are all yummy options.

Fresh Thyme – My supermarket happened to be sold out of fresh thyme so I used dried thyme instead. Remember that dried herbs tend to be more potent so just go a little lighter than the recipe calls for.

White Wine – Cook with what you drink (if you drink ?.) A dry not overly sweet sauvignon blanc is usually a good option if you don’t know what to use. And if you don’t have wine in the house just skip the wine all together.

Vegetable Broth – As long as you’re not trying to keep it vegetarian, you can use chicken broth or stock here too. Beef broth might be a little overpowering so avoid that if you can.

Blue ceramic casserole covered in golden puff pastry. A spoon lifting out sliced carrots and sweet potato.

Recipe Substitutions and Variations

  • Mix up the vegetables based on what you have available. Some vegetable substitutions could be butternut squash, white radish or leeks.
  • My supermarket was out of fresh thyme so I had to substitute dried thyme. I used 1 teaspoon dried thyme on vegetables when roasting and 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme in the sauce.
  • The recipe made too much sauce. I discarded about 1/3 cup of sauce from the pot.
  • I used chicken stock instead of vegetable broth and the flavor was delicious.

How to Make Root Vegetable Pot Pie

First chop and roast the vegetables with a seasoning of thyme, salt, pepper and olive oil.

While the vegetables are roasting, make the sauce. Start with a simple roux of butter and flour, add a splash of white wine for flavor, and finish it off with some broth or stock and seasonings.

Combine the roasted vegetable and the sauce in a large baking dish.

Roll out the refrigerated puff pastry dough to a rectangle and place over the top of the baking dish, pinching it around the edges of the pan. Bake your pot pie until the pastry is puffy and golden.

A plate with a helping of root vegetable pot pie and puff pastry.

The Recipe For Root Vegetable Pot Pie

The recipe and all of the delicious details are available on the William Sonoma website at Root Vegetable Pot Pie. If you test out this recipe be sure to leave a note in the comments below. I’d love to hear what vegetables you used and what you thought. Enjoy!

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