Parsnip Purée with Truffle

Serving bowl of parsnip purée with a turn of truffle oil and parsley flakes.

Parsnip is a vegetable that I often over look when food planning and shopping. I happen to have used it recently when I made this Root Vegetable Pot Pie recipe too but these two recipes are probably the only time I’ve cooked it this year. The flavor is subtle and sweet and a little bit earthy.

Parsnips are a carrot looking root vegetable loaded with lots of healthy benefits. When trying to come up with a way to incorporate them into a meal, think about ways that you would use a potato – roast it, mash it, turn it into hash or purée it into soup!

The Recipe for Parsnip Purée

This recipe comes from Tyler Florence at the Food Network. You can get the recipe and all the details here at Parsnip Purée Recipe. I was looking for a recipe that was a simple parsnip purée to serve with some crispy sweet potato pancakes.

The recipe says to add just enough of the simmering liquid to reach the consistency of “whipped cream.” I added all of the liquid to the blender because I wanted my purée to be on the saucy side since I was using it as a sort of dip.

I finished off the parsnip purée with a turn of white truffle oil and some chopped parsley. The truffle added a wonderful flavor but be warned that a little goes a long way when you’re using truffle oil. Add too much and that’s the only flavor you’ll taste. To serve it, I lined the plate with a thin smear of the parsnip and placed the sweet potato cakes on top. They were dynamite together! Another idea I might try in the future is serving the purée under a filet mignon with demi-glaze ?.

Two sweet potato cakes stacked on top of a bed of parsnip purée.

The Ingredients for Parsnip Purée

To make this recipe you don’t need many ingredients.

  • Parsnip
  • Milk
  • Heavy Cream
  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Bay Leaf
  • Butter
Parsnips boiling in preparation for parsnip purée

How to Make Parsnip Purée

Did you get a mashed potato vibe from the ingredient list? The method is very similar to making mashed potatoes. Start by slicing the parsnip. I used a mandolin to get nice even slices but that isn’t necessary since you’ll be blending everything up.

Boil the parsnip in the liquid and seasonings until tender. Then add the butter and purée it until smooth. I used my immersion blender but you could also use a regular blender or food processor.

Serving bowl of parsnip purée with a turn of truffle oil and parsley flakes.

Recipe Variations

The truffle oil I added at the end was my own addition to the recipe. I like it because it kicks things up a notch and reminded me of the flavors steakhouse style truffle fries when served with parsnip and sweet potatoes.

The Recipe for Parsnip Purée

If you want to give this recipe a try, list the Food Network’s recipe for Parsnip Purée. Then after you make it, come back and let me know what you thought in the comments. I’d especially love to know what you served it with. Enjoy!

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