Rice and sausage stuffed peppers topped with melted cheese and chopped parsley.
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Stuffed Peppers with Sausage and Rice

Stuffed peppers are one of those recipes that look like it aught to be complicated but isn’t. Really it’s very similar to prepping a casserole. All it takes is a quick cook of a few of the ingredients (the peppers, rice, sausage and onion), combining the stuffing in a mixing bowl, filling the peppers and then baking them.

4 zucchini recipe images from top left: zucchini fry dipped in ketchup, zucchini and corn chowder, stuffed zucchini boats and chocolate zucchini bread.
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8 of the Best Zucchini Recipes

This collection of recipes will definitely keep the zucchini from getting boring. Eating the same thing over and over is easy to get sick of but luckily there’s about a million ways to eat zucchini. These zucchini recipe ideas includes everything from zucchini main dishes to zucchini sides, and savory recipes to sweet. Here are my favorite ways to cook up a summer zucchini haul.

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