KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Artisan 5 quart tilt-head stand mixer by KitchenAid

Do you or someone you know call all tissues Kleenex, even if that’s not the brand of tissue they’re referring to? That strange phenomenon of when something becomes synonymous with a brand name is always surprising to me. How did all batteries become Duracell’s even though the one’s in my kitchen drawer are Kirkland? This same thing has happened with the KitchenAid stand mixer. I here home cooks refer to their “KitchenAid” for making cookie dough or cake batter and no one ever questions the fact that they simply mean their stand mixer.

Stand mixers have such a wide variety of uses. A lot of people use them for baking and mixing doughs or batters. They also come in handy for mashing potatoes (check out my post on that here) and even for shredding chicken (like for this Chicken and Rice Casserole recipe)! Did I just blow your mind? I don’t know where I first saw someone do this but it is one of the most helpful kitchen tips I’ve ever been given. If you have hot chicken breast (I usually bake the chicken breasts when a recipe calls for shredded chicken) all you need to do is put the breast whole in the bowl of the stand mixer with the paddle attachment. Turn the mixer on to medium low speed and in about 30-40 seconds you’ll have perfectly pulled chicken. I sometimes even put as many as 3 breasts in the bowl at a time. Talk about time saver! This stand mixer does it all.

Kitchen Aid  Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer shredding chicken breast

When I say it does it all I mean that pretty literally. Anything that the mixer doesn’t do on its own with the attachments it comes with (a paddle, a whisk and a dough hook) you can buy additional attachments to help you do. Want to make homemade pasta? They’ve got an attachment for that (check out my post on homemade ravioli here for more on that.) Want to make homemade sausage? They’ve got an attachment for that too. This stand mixer is a true kitchen hero and if you don’t have one I really recommend looking into get one.

Kitchen Aid  Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. This KitchenAid stand mixer can do so much great work but with that comes a pretty heavy price tag. You can check out the details on KitchenAid’s website by clicking here. My other warning if you’re considering purchasing is make sure you have a place to store it. They are big and heavy pieces of equipment. They are pretty to look at though so maybe if you have space on your countertop, not storing it is the best option. Personally, I keep mine in a lower level cabinet with a pull out drawer for easy access. If you’re on the fence, at least jump over to the website and checkout all the cool features and beautiful colors. They’re pretty terrific.

Recipes I Make with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Do you have a stand mixer that you love? Do you have any cool attachments for it that you recommend? I’d love to hear which recipes you make with your stand mixer in the comments below!

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